The Nature

The Maribo Lakes Nature Park is known for its rich plant and animal life. The bird life in particular is unique.

Engkabbeleje in the grass down to the shore of the Maribo lakes


Many come to see ospreys or the impressive sea eagles, which are otherwise known to be picky about where they live. The sea eagle re-emigrated to Denmark as a breeding bird in 1995 after being gone for almost 100 years.  Now it can be seen in the area all year round, while ospreys are only there between April and September.

Bird species in the area

Should the eagles fail, there are many other interesting bird species in the area. See plenty of greylag geese, tufted ducks and all four Danish species of grebes. Lapwings are found in all the Maribo lakes, and there are good opportunities to see some of them along the lakes' reed forests.

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Nature Guide

Inquiries about nature guidance and guided tours can be made to the nature guide:

Klaus Bek Nielsen, Lolland Kommune, Culture & Leisure
Jernbanegade 7, 4930 Maribo
Tel. number.: +45 20 28 27 32