Bunteshave is located in Alsø Forest on the west side of Røgbølle Lake.

Colourful garden in spring in Alsø forest

The castle bank

The castle bank itself has been an isthmus in Røgbølle Lake which was protected to the west by a moat with a wide moat in front. On the other three sides the lake shielded the castle. There are some large boulders at the foot of the rampart that may have been part of the castle's foundation. The forest road to the castle bank lies along an embankment that used to access the castle from the west.

The road to the rampart

You can get to the rampart from the south side of Røgbølle Sø near Alsø. At the Pommersminde farm, head north along the blind road, and when the paved road ends, turn left west of the Alsø farm and follow the field road. At the entrance to Alsø Forest, continue along the forest road and turn right the first time the road forks. You then come to the moat. It is about 1 km from Alsøgården to the moat. Remember that you can only walk or cycle in the forest.