The Maribo Lakes is an attractive area for angling. Below is a brief description of the general rules for angling in the lakes.

David Frost shows off a 5kg pike caught at Maribosøerne
5 kg. pike caught by David Frost at Maribosøerne

Public areas

A regular angling license permits angling in the public areas of Maribo Søndersø. That is by the area near to Maribo town, around the islands Fruerø and Hestø and up to Præstø’s eastern border. Angling is permitted from the jetty by the Nature School. Angling in the public areas requires an angling license (except if you are under 16 or over 65 years old). The general license only permits angling using a rod and tackle, angling using nets is prohibited.

Privately owned areas

The largest lake area is privately owned, and special rules govern this. The general angling license does not entitle the holder to fish at the private areas. Angling is naturally not allowed where access is prohibited.

In practice this means that angling is not permitted east of Præstø and throughout the eastern basin east of Dornæs - Romsø peninsula. The same applies to the small Nørresø. Although sailing is permitted on the lake, any angling must be with consent of the owners of the lake shore.

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