Horseback riding

You can ride on public roads all around the Maribo Lakes. Several stretches are lightly trafficked and pass through extensive countryside and old estate landscapes. 

3 people on horseback through the forest
Holiday riders in the forest

Information about horseback riding

Horseback riding on private trails requires a valid riding permit for the area.

Horse trailers can be parked in several locations.
Primitive accommodation (shelters) is available, among other places, at the Nature School, where you can bring horses and let them graze in the adjoining paddocks. There are 2 paddocks at the shelters. Choose the one without cows if they are grazing. You are not allowed to ride on the path down to the shelters, but you are welcome to ride over the fold down to the shelters.

Holiday rider

The Association Holiday Riders offers a number of exciting holiday packages for horseback riders in and around the Maribo Lakes. There is something for everyone, whether you want to rent a horse or bring your own, and whether you want primitive accommodation or 'all inclusive'. The association also offers horseback riding holidays in many other places on Lolland and Falster, including several manor houses and estates.