Søholt is located in beautiful surroundings on the south side of Søndersø and with the garden directly down to the lake. According to most sources, Søholt's origins lie in the leprosy hospital, a Sct. Jørgensgaard, which was located in the village of Bregerup. The first sources mention Bregerup and the so-called Sct. Jørgensgaard in 1389. 

Søholt Manor seen from the gable side in autumn sun
Søholt Manor

Søholt buildings

Søholt's white main building was built in 1804, but rebuilt in the mid-19th century in the Neo-Renaissance style. The present breeding buildings were built in 1919 some distance south of the main building after a fire in 1917.

Public gardens

To the east of the main building is a public garden laid out around 1690 on the French model, making it one of the first Baroque gardens in the country. The Baroque garden was renovated in 2009-10.

Modern agriculture

Søholt is owned by Frederik Lüttichau, who bought Søholt in 2003. Today, Søholt is run as a modern farm, including forestry and professional hunting.