Maribo Cathedral

Maribo Cathedral contains irreplaceable historical treasures such as royal bibles and silver chalices.  In the porch there are brochures telling the interesting history of the church. They are a delight to the thousands of visitors who come to Maribo Cathedral every year.

The cathedral is surrounded by old houses down to Søndersø
Maribo Cathedral lies beautifully down to Søndersø

History of the cathedral

The cathedral is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Søndersø, next to the ruins of the old monastery of the Birgitines. The monastery was founded in 1416 by Erik of Pomerania, following gifts from Denmark's first female ruler, Margrete I. The church was built in connection with the monastery, following the instructions of "Saint Birgitta of Vadstena". A few years after the Reformation in 1566, a noble virgin monastery was established on the site. Nowadays, the old monastery church is all that remains of the monastery, and it has been the cathedral of Lolland-Falster since the early 1800s.

The oldest painting in Scandinavia

The church is Denmark's only true hall church. That is, a church consisting of three almost equally high naves under a common roof. The picture of Saint Birgitta on an altarpiece in the church is probably the oldest preserved painting on canvas in the Nordic countries.