The Baroque Garden

The large garden complex east of the present Søholt was laid out during the 1690s and is among the country's oldest preserved Baroque gardens. It is not known who the garden architect is, but the garden was laid out after the French model. At that time, Søholt consisted of a three-winged main building, and the garden was situated in the middle of and perpendicular to one of the side wings.

Baroque garden with fountain in the foreground and Søholt Manor in the background
The Baroque Garden at Søholt Manor

The garden

The whole complex, 340 m long and 110 m wide, was built in the style of the time, using geometric patterns such as circles, semicircles, squares and straight lines.

Open to the public

Current owner Frederik Lüttichau began renovating the gardens in October 2009 with support from the Realdania Foundation. The newly renovated garden was inaugurated on Sunday 13 June 2010. The Baroque Garden is open to the public for an entrance fee.