The Landscape

The magnificent and varied landscape of the Maribo Lakes Nature Park attracts many tourists and nature lovers from home and abroad.

Maribo Lakes seen from the water with trees in the background and blue sky
The Maribo Lakes seen from the water
The Maribo Lakes are located in an area of large depressions formed during the melting of huge ice blocks left by glaciers during the last ice age. As a result, the landscape around the lakes is - by Lolland standards - quite hilly, reaching heights of over 20 metres.
The four lakes, Søndersø, Røgbølle Sø, Hejrede Sø and Nørresø, are surrounded by large areas of woodland and moorland and by cultivated fields. The manors of Søholt, Ulriksdal and Engestofte, close to the lakes, have left their mark on the surroundings of the lakes with their large areas of woodland, meadows and relatively large areas of uncultivated farmland, so that today the landscape is a varied mosaic of lake, woodland, meadow, marshland and farmland in the middle of the cultural landscape of Lolland.